The "Casa Museo Marina Nuñez del Prado" was donated by Marina and her four siblings to the Bolivian people, in honour of the memory of their parents, don Guillermo Nuñez del Prado and done Sara Vizearra, and for the preservation of the valuable art collections that were kept there. 

Visitors are welcome to come and admire Marina's artistic endeavours. The museum is managed since its creation by the "Nuñez del Prado" Foundation, through which it has obtained a valuable grant by the Fondo Social de Emergencia in order to cover renovation and remodelling expenses. Through the sale of sculptures donated by Marina, the foundation was able to finish the architectural piecework and carry out the museum arrangements thanks to the dedicated efforts of Ines Gordova and Gil Imana. 

The museum houses more than one thousand pieces, including sculptures, drawings and sketches by Marina, thus making it the largest existing collection of her works. But not only her work is kept here but that of her sister Nilda as well: she was a fine goldsmith and painter. One can also appreciate their family enviroment, Bolivian silver collections, colonial art, contemporary paintings, and handerafts. Two more halls are soon to be opened, the family hall and the library.