"...Marinas' work is that of a master. One seldom reaches this point before old age; the gods that rule the path to absolute mastery make it neither brief nor easy for their godchildren, the painter and the sculptor. Upon this brilliant Bolivian ("La Boliviana Genial"), their favours have been generously bestowed, as her output is vast, and we can say of her , fearing not exageration, that she is "worthy of her birthplace" [as the saying goes]. Yet hers overflows her native Bolivia: Her work comprehends all of [south] America, hers and ours. Therefore, we too celebrate. 

Gabriela Mistral. Nobel Prize. "Portrait of Marina Nuñez del Prado." La Nación, Buenos Aires, Oct.1952.  

" These sculptures by Marina, despite their abstract quality, have an inmense [Latin] American beauty" 

Pablo Neruda; Concepción, Chile.  

" To see a Latin American artist achieve universal distinction does not take us by surprise. Especially a sculptress, given the long and rich tradition of this art in South America, going back for centuries and having reached extraordinary levels during the GrecoLatin era. 

The place that Marina Nuñez del Prado occupies among other well-renown artists is due not only to her creative genius, but also by the force and constant drive she puts into her creative task. Despite her long and well-travelled path, this tireless Bolivian artist continues exploring new ways. It is so that one of her most recent phases is made up by her socalled "Mujeres al viento" ["Women in the Wind"]. 

Guillermo Niño de Guzmán, "Buscando el alma de la piedra". Revista Oiga. Oct. 1985, Lima, Peru  

" Marina Nuñez del Prado is the sculptress of broken curves and volume" simbolising the Bolivian Indian. She is perfect technique, master and sorceress as her chisel transforms wooden blocke into harmonious and monumental volumes. There is a certain divine mystery and beauty about those lines. To possess that talent and create like Nuñez del Prado does is a gift from nature. 

Alexander Archipenko. World-renown sculptor. Jan., 1944.